Burned Bridges of Ward Nebraska by Eileen Curtright


There are no secrets in a small town. For someone like Rebecca, that can get awkward.

Rebecca Meer’s hometown of Ward, Nebraska, is small—so small that she can’t even sneak home after a drunken girls’ night without running into at least three people she knows. But she has bigger problems than her reputation. The head doctor at her fertility clinic is losing his mind, and his wild behavior could cost them the business. Her super successful ex-boyfriend has blown back into town and somehow become her son’s fifth-grade teacher—now her son is asking awkward questions about the end of their relationship. Rebecca can’t even run the PTA’s annual food drive without getting mixed up with criminals. In Eileen Curtright’s astute comedy, we see just how far a stressed-out single parent will go to be the “perfect” mother.

The people in this town are nuts! A principal who isn’t a principal, a teacher who isn’t a teacher and women hell bent on medicating their children with the latest in ADHD meds, throw in some criminal antics for the annual food drive and you have the start of how things are going to go.

In England there is an expression “Mad half hour” where someone goes off kilter for a short period and then goes back to their usual self…. Well this whole town seems to have a mad half hour and then some! The cast of characters are wide and varied but really well written and a fun book to read.   I have to say that Dr Thad’s behaviour was downright funny! Not so much in what he said but the way he acted. Kevin Holts is bent on warping the young 5th grade minds he is in charge of. Becky starts off as the only sane person in the town but as things decent more and more into madness she is slowly sucked into it. The only seemingly voice of reason has lost hers.

To be honest when I started it I wasn’t sure where it was going but I was glad I stuck around for the ride! I laughed quite a bit in parts and it’s one of those light fun reads we all need now and again.

Book provided by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

4/5 stars



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2 thoughts on “Burned Bridges of Ward Nebraska by Eileen Curtright

  1. I stumbled across it on Netgalley and thought I would a funny book and needed something light and fun. I have to admit that I did laugh quite a bit reading this one!

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