90s Playlist – a romance rewind anthology


This review is only for The Belle vs. the BDOC

The Belle vs. the BDOC by Amy Jo Cousins
Shelby Summerfield is a gold star lesbian, even if she doesn’t look like one. Florence Truong is the only other dyke at Carlisle College in 1993 not wearing plaid flannel, and Shelby sets her sights on seduction. But instead of a delightful tumble in the sheets, Florence calls her out for being a straight girl. With seduction off the table, Shelby settles for revenge for her humiliation. But if all she wants is to show up her campus rival, how come Shelby can’t stop herself from saving Florence instead of annihilating her?

I didn’t read all of the stories in this anthology yet but I did skip to Amy Jo Cousins The Belle vs. the BDOC because I generally love this author and everything she writes. This wasn’t any different. I haven’t read many f/f stories previously so this was a bit different for me. I really liked the character of Shelby as she dressed very girly and hated when people judges her based on her looks alone. So when Florence does this I loved Shelby’s reaction of incredible anger. Over and over again Florence judges her based on stereotypes. I enjoyed Shelby’s anger turning to indignation and revenge.

Cousins’ books have all been set mainly on college campuses and this one is the same. Part of Shelby’s revenge takes place during a quiz game at a bar and then on campus itself for the majority of the book for a very fun game of Assassin. The chemistry between Florence and Shelby was palpable and to add in the tension of the game made everything, including the romance, heightened.

Shelby was a great, fun loving character. She pursues Florence relentlessly which is fun to watch. The lesbians were accepted without question and that’s always something I love to see.

ARC received in return for an honest review.

4 stars

~ Melinda



3 thoughts on “90s Playlist – a romance rewind anthology

  1. I saw this anthology and I was CONSIDERING reading it, and yet, I have so many books to read, reading an anthology while COULD lead to getting to know great authors sometimes turns out for the worst.. I might have read just this one because I WAS curious about it, I’m trying out Amy’s books at the moment, or rather later on this month I have the bend or break series., I haven’t read ANY F/F novels, I’ve read like a 10 page novella ONCE and I had problems with it concerning the writer I wasn’t a real fan of.. but I AM curious to try out a FF romance novel. It’s funny, I can’t really say why, but I have a feeling it would be totally different for me than with MM (which I really love reading)

    and yeah, I’ve come back from the dead! hehe trying to see what I’ve missed 😉

      • 🙂 the one I’ve read was co-written, it was an author I absolutely loved, enjoyed everything I’ve read by her, and another author I tried 2 novels and didn’t like at all. It wasn’t the story, something about the writing wasn’t fluid enough for me. It’s not “bad writing”, it’s just that the way it was written annoyed the heck out of me. So when I read that one I was very sorry to discover it feels like it was written in the same way the author I did NOT like would write and so I didn’t like the story at all because of it..

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