Revealed to Him by Jen Frederick

25497060 Summary: Handsome and tough Jake Tanner, a veteran and the owner of a successful security firm, never lets his past hold him back. Despite his prosthetic hand and foot, women swoon over him—and with him between the sheets. Yet Jake feels bored and restless…until he’s hired to protect a beautiful writer whose life is in terrible danger.

Self-imprisoned by the fear of the anonymous stalkers who threaten her life, video-game writer Natalie Beck now only dreams of the world outside her pink-bedecked apartment. Trusting people again is off-limits. But the more time Jake spends with her, the more his professional commitment evolves from simple duty to scorching desire. While deeply sensual sparks ignite between the two, the danger outside circles closer. Will Jake’s intense devotion be enough to save Natalie? Or will she turn away from the one man willing to do anything to save her?

This is the third Kerr Chronicles book. I wasn’t in love with the first one but I really liked the second book – both were about the same couple. This one visits a new couple and I loved them so much, both together and individually. Jake Tanner is one that we’ve seen in the past books. He runs his own security firm and was hired to protect Tiny previously. We get to know him much better here and he is freaking amazing. He’s an Army vet who is strong and I would usually write off as a normal alpha male. But he has a vulnerable side that comes out pretty often and that made me love him.

But Natalie stole the show for me from the beginning in this one. Her character and the plot revolving around her seemed to be much based on Gamer Gate. Women being threatened online, purely for being female, and having those threats come to life, is something that’s been happening over the last year or more and is a very serious issue. I thought the author dealt with it in a great way. Seeing Natalie deal with these threats and being terrified for her life made me sick for her, but she was still strong in her own way.

If a friend is sick with the flu, or God forbid, something worse like cancer, everyone is sympathetic. But depression? Fear of being in your own head? Folks just want you to get over it and if you can’t, you’re a weak-ass sadsack.

Together it seemed that Jake brought out Natalie’s inner strength and Natalie brought out Jake’s inner vulnerability, which is kind of the definition of great couple. Unlike a typical alpha male we get to see Jake fret over numerous things – from how he composes text messages to how Natalie will perceive his prosthetic. What I loved about that in particular was that I haven’t ever seen an alpha male be concerned with how a woman would deal with that. Jake had to work hard to figure out how to put Natalie at ease many times, working on making her comfortable in different situations. I loved that while Natalie was scared she never wanted to give up and was determined that she would eventually be recovered enough to live her previous life.

There should be a message retrieval. Some kind of feature that allows someone to take back a stupidly written text before the recipient reads it.

Also, there is quite a bit of texting, which in my opinion makes any book about 100% better! I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Both characters had aspects to them that liked seeing fleshed out. I’m not a fan of “perfect” characters and these two weren’t.

4 Stars.

ARC received in return for an honest review.




3 thoughts on “Revealed to Him by Jen Frederick

  1. You know what’s strange? I read the synopsis and was absolutely put off the story, then came your review and I’m really intrigued, it sound really awesome! I think I already told you I haven’t read anything by this author. but if it’s only three books in the series I guess I can add it 😉 still considering though..

    • The first one didn’t appeal to me all that much. But this one blew me away with how much I loved it! It could pretty much be read as a stand alone too. There are references to some characters in the other books but nothing that affects the actual book and storyline.

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