Braking for Bodies by Duffy Brown

imageAs Evie tries to get things ready for Rudy and Irma’s wedding things don’t go according to plan, as usual. The arrival of Peepster Perry and his secretary from LA spells trouble for Fiona, a former employee of Peeps, and for Evie, who just wants to get Irma’s wedding dress to her safe and sound, but this being  Mackinac Island, things don’t always happen easily. The arrival of the LA crowd expands when Peep’s wife Madonna shows up and all hell breaks loose! Add in the annual Lilac festival and a murder and you  have the start of a long week ahead.

While there is a murderer on the loose the ‘Fudgies” up in the Grand Hotel think it’s all part of a murder mystery weekend and that alone makes for a fun read!  The characters are a hoot and the mayhem surrounding Evie is her own personal black cloud that follows her and brings new meaning to Murphy’s Law.  The description of Mackinac island makes you feel as if you have been there even though you haven’t,you can picture it. It’s well done and it sounds like a beautiful place to visit.  The tension between Sutter and Evie is there and you want them to get together but things, like dead bodies, always seem to get in the way.

This is the second in the Cycle Path Mystery series by Duffy.  She always brings a sense of humour to her books that makes them all that more enjoyable!  Duffy’s characters are believable and well written and her style shines through this book.  I love reading a new book by Duffy, her cozy mysteries are a breath of fresh air and this one didn’t disappoint.  It’s a clean fun read with no swearing.

4/5 stars




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2 thoughts on “Braking for Bodies by Duffy Brown

  1. Hi, Crash. Thanks for the terrific review, I truly appreciate it. So glad you had fun with Evie and the Mackinac Island gang.

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