Do you reread books?

imageDo you reread books?  I find myself reading old favourites like Pride and Prejudice along with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at least once a year.  Revisiting books is like visiting an old friend, finding comfort in the words and story.  Some books that I read as a child or teenager I discover again as an adult and sometimes find new meaning or understanding that I didn’t grasp fully the first time around, or the emotional attachment has changed or in some cases, has grown in the intervening years.

As far as series goes, I sometimes have to read the previous book before a new one comes out, especially if it has been a while in-between books.

I have started rereading Justin Cronin’s The Passage and The Twelve before diving into  The City of Mirrors,which comes out in May, I figure it will take me that long to get the first two books read.  As it is roughly 3 years in-between books I know I will struggle with the new one unless I go back and read the first two.  While I am finding it hard to put many new books on hold until I am finished, it will take quite a while to get through such large books.  In a way I am glad that the third and final book is coming out in a few short weeks.  I know that if I had to read these books again it would be more of a chore than an enjoyment.

I don’t always feel like that, but these books, maybe due to their very large page count, does for me.  I usually find something I have missed out the first time around.  I am hoping that this time, unlike the first time reading them, I will find some bits that I skipped over before, something to rekindle the joy of reading them.

Do you reread books in a series before the newest one comes out?  Do you revisit some older books year after year just for the joy and comfort of getting lost in the familiar story, to bring back old memories that go along with certain books?





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