Read now or later?

When you pre-order books, or even if you buy one at any time, do you read it right away or do you keep it aside for a special occasion?

I have bought many books on pre-order recently and have found that there are a few I HAVE to read right then and there and others I keep for another time, either for a vacation read or for when I am in a slump.  For me it’s a 50/50 mix of now and later.  I have Joe Hill’s The Fireman on my kindle during a hole on it eating to be read but I know I have a flight coming up so I am saving it for something to read on the plane, that is if there aren’t any good in flight movies.

When I get the next instalment of a series, I often put aside to reread the one previous to it so I can remember what had happened before.  Others I just put on a rainy day pile for when I finish up a series and am trying to find something to cleanse my palate sorta speak.  I have some that I got for free for my kindle that I am sure will never see the light of day for one reason or another.

I also like to reread a book I read years ago or one that I find comfort in reading again, but when I do I often feel bad for the fresh new reads waiting for me to get to.

I also feel bad about the many hundreds of books on my kindle that I have good intentions of reading but often get pushed aside for the brand new books just downloaded.

Do any of you feel as I do?  Are your previous purchases being left aside for the new kids on the block or are you one of the few that buy a book, read it and then buy another?


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