Books vs tv shows

imageWhen it comes to watching the tv show based on a book series, do you read the books first or watch the show first?

As season two of Poldark begins I’m torn between watching the show first before I start these two books, which are the basis for the second season.  I have always seemed to watch the tv shows first, I’ve done it with The Vampire Diaries and Outlander to name a few.  Even though I have all the Outlander books, I have yet to read them as I don’t want to spoil the next season when it comes out. But is that being fair?

As as we know from movie adaptations that the movie can be vastly different from the book. The way we pictured it in our minds doesn’t always match up what is on the screen, and don’t get me started on what they leave out or add in.

While I’m eager to know what happens and I can find out easily by reading the book, I’m not quite ready to give up imagining the stunning scenery that is provided by the tv show.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll break my self imposed ban by reading the books this time before I watch the show……. Maybe.




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