My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking

I’m going to do something different this time and review an entire series, well the 4 books in the My Blood Approves series.

When I heard that Swear, the fifth and final book in the series would be coming out in November after a 5 year wait, I decided to preorder it.  Seeing it has been years since I read the series I figured a re-read was in order.  I plowed through My Blood Approves and noticed that it was similar in places to Twilight. I don’t know which book came out first or if they both came out at the same time but there were similarities between the two.

First, the editing was horrible. An example from Flutter “Grabbing him by the arm, I drug him upstairs.” Drug him upstairs?  I’m sure that dragged would be the appropriate word to use, not drug.  There are plenty more through all the books.

The story itself had some good points but there are things that I question, like the whole “Are you trying to get Alice Killed?” part.  First of all, how did Jack, Peter, Ezra and Mae know about Alice?  What marked her out for Peter alone?  Why was she drawn to him and not Jack?  There are some gaping holes here and questions that never got answered…. plus the whole “You’re going to get her killed” ever other page got annoying….. and guess what….. Peter didn’t killed her,even though she was meant for him and Jack went and ruined it all….. oh the drama.  Also the whole “She’s human and fragile” again like Bella, she must be protected at all cost and she is special….. Alice’s blood is special for some reason. Something else never answered.

As Fate rolls around it’s Milo who gets turned, not Alice.  She moans and groans about it. More Peter and Jack drama at every turn. Woe is me theme running in here, throw in some bits about Jane and there is book two.

Flutter and it’s finally Alice’s turn to …. well, turn. She was turned at the very end of Fate but she is fully turned at the start of this book. Things get more strained as Ezra and Alice go to Finland to save Peter from a mob of rogue Lycans. To say that Jack is upset is an understatement and displays more jealousy.  Milo has a boyfriend that is human, Bobby. He  is remarkably used to vampires and has almost died a few times at their hands and oddly  he doesn’t run screaming for the hills.  Jane features more in here as the victim of horrible vampires and due to her nature, blames Alice for it all.  When Mae turned Daisy it reminded me of Interview with a Vampire with turning a child into vampire and the horrors to go with it.

Onto Wisdom and it’s all about finding Jane’s killer and dealing with Mae and Daisy….. blah, blah, blah.

Now, I know that when these books were written back in 2010/2011  and Amanda was a new writer. These were her first books and while you could tell that she was inexperienced that there was some good in the story lines, just not fully fleshed out.  Editing was an issue and some plot holes that were never filled in or explained.  She has gone on to write more books, I haven’t read any others but I assume that she has grown in her skills.  I wonder why, with more books under her belt, she never went back to touch this series up?

I think that when I first read these I was please with them and enjoyed them, but after going back and reading them for a second time years later I feel differently.   There is waaaayyy too much drama in some of them.  Are they all bad, no, but they aren’t all that great either. In some aspects each book got a small bit stronger with characters and plot development.  Not everything is explained so you still have to guess at some of it but they did get a bit better

I decided to read Swear when it comes out, if nothing else but to see how the series ends.

2.5 stars for the series so far.




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