Q&A with Duffy Brown

I want to welcome Duffy to the blog and for agreeing to take time out of her busy schedule to do a Q&A with us here. It’s a real pleasure to have you here Duffy 🙂

Crash: I know you used to write romance novels years ago, what made you stop writing romance books?

DB: My love of mystery. After writing more than 25 romances I realized so many of my books had mystery in them and I loved writing the mystery part more than the romance. I love romance, I really do but mystery is my first love. There is so much fun built into mystery if you keep it light and I’m all about the fun and humor and having a good time. I read for escape and figure most other do to.

Crash: What gave you the inspiration to write cozy mysteries?

DB:Nancy Drew when growing up! I just love Nancy. I’m sure she is a big reason I am who I am today. Back in the day it was a man’s world…think Mad Men. It was for real, men did all the cool stuff. Then there was Nancy Drew. She was smarter then the guys, figured out stuff on her own, went on adventures on her own, and drove a really cool car. My hero. I figured if Nancy could do all that stuff so could I.

Crash: When did you start writing and why?

DB:I used to write romance and even those have a lot of mystery in them as mystery is my true love. I love Savanna and Mackinac Island and every time I visited I thought…Gee this is a great place to kill someone off. I’m telling the truth. It’s what mystery writers do. So that’s how I got the settings then the characters are all about having fun with murder. How do you have fun with murder you ask? I just kill off the people who have it coming. That makes for a great list of suspects and no one’s running around boo-hooing that Peephole Perry…or whoever…is dead. My books are fun and we laugh and drink martinis and find the bad guys. I just love having fun with mystery so the cozy mystery genre is a perfect fit for me.


Crash: Which genre do you like?

DB: Anything mystery…it’s all I read and all I write. There are so many different aspects of mystery. You can read light like a cozy or if you’re in the mood for something heavy there’s plenty of that too. And there are historicals, paranormals, pets, families etc. I like the aspect of trying to figure out who-dun-it in other books and visiting other places I would never go. It’s a fun trip.


Crash: What kind of books do you read when you have the time?

DB: It’s always the mystery and then there are how to books for writing and research books…that’s how I learned to pick a lock in Geared for the Grave. ☺ I love travel books and cookbooks. I have my family over for Sunday dinners and always looking for new recipes.


Crash: Who is your favorite writer?

DB: Janet Evanovich is my hero. I simply love her Stephanie Plum books. I think she’s up to 21 in her series now and all are good but the first three…One for the Money, Two for the Dough and Three to Get Deadly are magic. They are funny and exciting and the characters are a hoot and unusual with tons of personality that make them real. After reading a S. Plum book you will want to become a bounty hunter and live in Jersey just for the fun of it all.


Crash:  I know, as most of your readers know, that you love Sherlock Holmes.  Is that the inspiration behind you writing mysteries?

DB:I think Sherlock inspires all mystery writers in some way. The cleverness, the humor, the settings, Dr. Watson, the setting and how it reflects the mood of the story. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did a great job on continuing the series and keeping readers engaged. A lesson for us all.


Crash:What are your joys in life?

DB: I love good fun movies and shows and watch them to unwind. Gilmore Girls, Miss Fisher’s mysteries, Psyche, Midsommer Mysteries are some of my faves. They are light and cleaver and the dialogue is fantastic. I garden and love my flowers and I have for kids and two grandkids who I adore and spend tons of time with. If I really get away it’s to the mountains. We have incredible National Parks in the US and they are amazing. Glacier National Park is as close to heaven as we get on this Earth. Go!


Crash: Tell us something that we might not know about you?

DB: -Guilty pleasure is eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon, or finger.

-I think Snickers is a gift from the gods.
-Everyone should take in a rescue animal.
-Anyone who mistreats an animal should rot in hell for all eternity (and I really mean that)
-I have met the most amazing people though writing. It is the single best thing about what I do!!


Crash:I want to thank Duffy for taking part and for being such a great guest, It was fun having you here!


You can find out more about Duffy here

Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/Duffy-Brown/e/B008CI1380

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorduffybrown

Blurb Braking for Bodies
No one knows why Peephole Perry came all the way to Mackinac from LA, but when he winds up dead things are looking bad for Evie’s BFF who once worked for the jerk. Now Evie has to gear up and get a grip on the truth if she wants to clear her friend and find a killer.

It’s murder and a mystery weekend on Mackinac Island for the rag reporter, his mistress and the wife who wants them both dead.


6 thoughts on “Q&A with Duffy Brown

  1. Thanks for having me on Happiness is a book. Chris is such a terrific friend, I’m thrilled we can share books and chat cozies. Hugs, Duffy

  2. Loved the interview Duffy! I loved Nancy Drew too when growing up. Thanks for all of your awesome books! My hubby loves them too. He keeps asking when the next Mackinaw Island one is coming out?

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