My picks for February

Here are the ones I am looking forward to this month.  There are so many good books coming out, I hardly know where to start reading!

imageInto the Fire
















imageThe Wrong Dead Guy








imageBurning World








imageDenton Little’s Still not Dead








imageRoyally Matched











2 thoughts on “My picks for February

  1. Hey! I’m sorry I disappeared there for a while..but I’m back! you’ll see me wandering through your posts soon 🙂 I agree with you, the shortest month of the year and there are 4 (!) new releases for me, including the last in the Night Prince I really can’t wait to read! I scheduled it for next month since it’s out so late (maybe even on the 28th). I don’t know any of the other ones on your list. actually I only know Emma Chase and since I was disappointed by her a while back I’m not looking for more by her at the moment.

    • I enjoyed the first in the series that Emma wrote. I like a bit of that kind of light reading now and again to get lost in for a few hours. I love to hear what others are reading, I often end up adding more books to my endless TBR pile! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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