My picks for March

Hi all. I have been AWOL for a while and will be for a while longer due to personal issues.  While I won’t be posting much I will try when I can but things are going to be hectic for me until mid April and maybe longer. I will keep up with picks for the month and end of month round ups but beyond that, I can’t promise much right now and hope you can understand.  Drop me a line and let me know which books you are looking forward to in March.


Here are the books I’m looking forward to this month.

imageClose Enough to Touch









imageThe Weight of the World









imageStrange the Dreamer










Book guilt

We have all had some sort of book guilt at one point or another.  We either have too many books to pick from, some that languish on the TBR pile forever or books that pushed aside for either  a very long series that can’t be put down to old favourites that get re-read too many times to count.

I am guilty of it.  I have more books that I will probably ever get to read, especially at a rate of 150-200 a year. Just the books on my kindle right now would keep me occupied for at least 3.5 to 4 years, that is if I don’t add any more to it.  I have books that are at the bottom of a virtual TBR pile since I first got a Kindle 6 years ago.  So many free reads when I first got my Kindle, I gorged on free books when I came across something even remotely interesting.  I would get it for a rainy day when funds would be tight and congratulated myself on being frugal.  Now that frugality has gone out the window.  Places like Goodreads, Litsy and other social  media book sites along with book blogs overwhelm me now with so many recommendations that I end up with more books that time!  They are also great places to make new book friends and to connect with like minded individuals.  I have made many good book friends through social media and don’t regret the friends I have made, just the amount of books I have hoarded.

So in order to scale the mountain of books I am going to let go of the guilt and cut back on the buying ( Yes I do hear the howls of laughter out there.) It’s either that or be buried under a pile of books or get clumped on top of the head by a falling kindle…… although there are worse ways to go huh?



New Year reading resolution.

I was never any good at New Year resolutions. My diet attempts failed miserably within a few days and never mind getting into shape. The only shape I resemble is  round in my belly. I know, I should take better care of myself now that an unmentionable milestone birthday isn’t that far off but I will hold my hands up and admit I lack willpower.

I will try to make a resolution that I can stick to, or at least will have more success with, and that is a reading resolution.

While I have a vast  amount of unread books glaring at me from my Kindle,  I have an incredible urge to reread some old favorites and some series. I feel guilty putting new books on the back burner to visit some old friends that I haven’t read in 10 or more years. I also have the first 7 books of the Outlander series I bought a few years ago in a bundle on sale that has been languishing on my kindle unread.  I also have had The Tale of Genji on my shelf, as well as on my kindle, for 10 years now and have still not read it.  It’s daunting at just under 1300 pages and a character list that is about 5 pages long.  I keep telling myself this year will be the year I finally get to it….. let’s hope that 2017 is the year it gets read!

I also feel a twinge of guilt when reading older books and review them for this blog. I know a lot of people read book blogs to get reviews on the latest books. So this will be something else I will try to deal with in 2017. That isn’t to say I won’t be reviewing new books, I will, but some old ones might be making an appearance here. Who knows, you might discover some older books that you never heard of before.  Fair warning, I loved fantasy and sci-fi books growing up so those will be popping up on here.

Reading should be a joy, something to treasure, and so I want to rediscover the joy of some older books this year. I hope you come along for the discovery with me.

Wishing all of you a very happy New Year!