Books vs tv shows

imageWhen it comes to watching the tv show based on a book series, do you read the books first or watch the show first?

As season two of Poldark begins I’m torn between watching the show first before I start these two books, which are the basis for the second season.  I have always seemed to watch the tv shows first, I’ve done it with The Vampire Diaries and Outlander to name a few.  Even though I have all the Outlander books, I have yet to read them as I don’t want to spoil the next season when it comes out. But is that being fair?

As as we know from movie adaptations that the movie can be vastly different from the book. The way we pictured it in our minds doesn’t always match up what is on the screen, and don’t get me started on what they leave out or add in.

While I’m eager to know what happens and I can find out easily by reading the book, I’m not quite ready to give up imagining the stunning scenery that is provided by the tv show.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll break my self imposed ban by reading the books this time before I watch the show……. Maybe.



Read now or later?

When you pre-order books, or even if you buy one at any time, do you read it right away or do you keep it aside for a special occasion?

I have bought many books on pre-order recently and have found that there are a few I HAVE to read right then and there and others I keep for another time, either for a vacation read or for when I am in a slump.  For me it’s a 50/50 mix of now and later.  I have Joe Hill’s The Fireman on my kindle during a hole on it eating to be read but I know I have a flight coming up so I am saving it for something to read on the plane, that is if there aren’t any good in flight movies.

When I get the next instalment of a series, I often put aside to reread the one previous to it so I can remember what had happened before.  Others I just put on a rainy day pile for when I finish up a series and am trying to find something to cleanse my palate sorta speak.  I have some that I got for free for my kindle that I am sure will never see the light of day for one reason or another.

I also like to reread a book I read years ago or one that I find comfort in reading again, but when I do I often feel bad for the fresh new reads waiting for me to get to.

I also feel bad about the many hundreds of books on my kindle that I have good intentions of reading but often get pushed aside for the brand new books just downloaded.

Do any of you feel as I do?  Are your previous purchases being left aside for the new kids on the block or are you one of the few that buy a book, read it and then buy another?


#HaleNo Reviewing Blackout

There’s been quite a bit of drama in the book review and blogging world this week and with that we’re choosing to join in the Blogger Blackout because stalking is not okay. Many larger review blogs have chosen to do blackout on reviews of new books and instead either post essays or encourage readers discussions. We’re going to participate in the blackout on new reviews and post reviews on older books. We got this idea from some of the discussion on Twitter between the bloggers. So look for some older book reviews over the next few days.