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Here’s a look of what we are reading and reviewing in March. 


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Wreckage by Emily Bleeker


Lillian Linden’s mother in law, Margaret won a trip for two to Fiji. It’s a great opportunity for Lillian to get a break from her husband and children and to get closer to her mother in law. The first week of the trip goes better than she thought it would and was looking forward to the second week spent on a private island. Dave Hall is the company PR man, whose company sponsored the contest, accompanies the women on the second leg of the trip. Less than an hour to go on the flight the plane has an engine failure and crashes into the sea.

Lillian, Dave and Kent, the pilot, end up being marooned on a small island for almost two years. Things happened that Dave and Lillian can’t and won’t talk about when they are rescued. Secrets are kept and lies told to loved ones upon returning to their normal lives. As they return to civilization they find it hard to keep the truth of what happened buried and to keep how they feel hidden

This story is told in alternating chapters between Dave and Lillian. Some are in the past from what had happened on the island and some in the present during one last interview for the public for their stories to be told and for the lies and secrets to be kept once and for all.

The characters and story line are quite believable. It’s a survival story at it’s best. What would you do to survive, would you eventually try to make a life away from your loved ones not knowing if you would ever be rescued, would you do what you had to do even if it was difficult and painful? It was a gripping read and while there aren’t many twists in the story there are a few. I really enjoyed it but in saying this, the last 10% left me a bit miffed. I was really pleased with how it was going and how I thought the ending was going to be but the way the writer finished the story off was a bit over the top for me and spoiled it that tiny bit, not enough to make me dislike the story but it just put me off a bit. Because of that it went from a 5 star down to a 4. It’s still an amazing book, well written and captivating and worth reading.

4/5 stars




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