Graphic Novel Review: Distant Fortunes (plus discount code)

RedMoon_DarkBack-e1410645732526 I believe in full disclosure in reviewing and this review is a little different from my other reviews just because it’s about a graphic novel. But the disclosure comes in because this graphic novel was created by Eddie, a fellow blogger here so obviously I’m inclined to like it. He put the story out there on Wattpad which I originally started reading there and then he put together a kickstarter campaign that I also gave to because I think the story is interesting and I like to support my friends projects!

I’ve read ahead so I know more than just this volume one because I was following the story on WattPad. I really enjoy the way the story develops over the course of the whole story but in this volume we start at the beginning obviously. We’re introduced to Bonnie and Richard and within the first few pages we discover there are mutants in this world. What I love about this graphic novel is how they introduce the different characters – as a new person is brought in a text box is on the page that lists whether they’re human or mutant and what their power is.

The illustrations in the comic are just as great as the story. The faces and the hands have wrinkles and have realistic looking age to them. The clothes have creases where a person would naturally bend. I think the look and feel of this seems more grown- up than the comics I used to read which is appropriate for the overall story that I read.

Something fun that Eddie, the creator and writer, has done is take his friends and used them as inspirations for different characters in the comic. So I have a character I inspired somewhere coming up!

This is a fun graphic novel and here’s a link for a 25% discount Eddie is offering for our blog readers – Discount.