Book Review: Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett

15837539 I came late to this series after reading the author’s Roaring Twenties book, which I loved. I inhaled the first 3 books without any pauses in between and then waited impatiently for this last one. This book picks up immediately after the end of Binding the Shadows where Arcadia Bell is pregnant and Lon has to figure out how to save her and the baby from Cady’s horrible mother who seems to have come back from the dead. Literally. This was an excellent end to the series and was filled with the paranormal adventure and humor the series has had a flair for the whole time.

Lon and Cady are dealing with more than ever this time, trying to protect their unborn baby from Cady’s mother yet their love for each other still shows through which is something I really loved to see. While Lon has to perform a forgetting spell on Cady it was fun to see Cady have to figure out who Lon is and why he seems familiar to her. Watching them fall in love all over was a nice touch to get to see in the last back and a nod to the first book when they first fell in love.

Jupe provides the comic relief in the book like he has for all four books. I love Jupe and I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up throughout the series. There are a few short chapters told from his point of view thrown into the book and surprisingly they worked for me. I’m usually not a fan of different POV’s within books, especially if they are not consistent. But I really enjoyed hearing his voice so strongly. I had enjoyed Priya in the previous books but I really disliked him in this one as I felt that he took advantage of Jupe’s emotions a few times.

Overall,the plot shines through in this one and is the star of the book. I was anxious throughout to see how it would end. I thought this book was a fantastic end to this fun and dramatic series. I love epilogues and Jenn Bennett didn’t disappoint with hers. I got everything I wanted from this one. ARC was provided from the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

4 stars



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