Dirty Little Secrets by LIliana Hart


I recently met Liliana and was a shamed to say that I had never read any of her books but I soon rectified that and read Dirty Little Secrets.

Jaye Graves, an ER doctor, has recently returned home to Bloody Mary Virginia following the death of her parents in a suspicious car accident. Not much happens in Bloody Mary except for gossip and games of poker and as she settles into the family mortuary business when a friend of hers is found murdered. Jack Lawson, the town sheriff and best friend of Jaye, is on scene and suspects the husband of the murdered woman, as it was common knowledge that he was an abusive spouse.

A famous writer shows up just after the murder to do some research for a new book and he shadows Jaye in order to gain information about violent deaths. While Jaye eventually lets him follow her around and the two strike up a romance.

More murders take place and each of the dead have secrets that are coming to the surface. Fingers get pointed and tempers flair as each body is found.

Wild theories about who the murderer is float around, frenzied gossip abounds in the small town and each person has their own ideas of what could be going on.

To be honest I can usually suss out who the killer is but this book kept me guessing right until the end and even then! This is a twisty, windy book in that way. It also struck the right balance of romance and mystery. I am glad to have met Liliana and have found a new author to enjoy reading and can’t wait to start the other two books in this series!


5/5 stars


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